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please add everything of whatever

Junior Rides/Family rides: Red Baron, Mini jets and Samba Balloon

Transport Rides: Trolley Car

Arcade/Carnival Games: Kiddie Rides, Table football

Gentle Rides: Soccer 5 court, Baseball Court, Field hockey court, American Football court, Flying Bus and Lacrosse court

Animals: Hens, Roosters, Moose, Anoas, Donkeys, Agoutis, Clams, Weasels, hedgehogs, Woodpeckers, and more

Sceneries/Themeings: Mountains, Temples,  Natives, Lagoons and Sky.

Nintendo Themeings:

Console Arcades: Master System, Sega Genesis, Game Gear, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Game Boy (Original, Color  and advance), Atari (2600, 7500 and 8-bit) and Turbografx 16 (SuperGrafx and TurboCD)