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This user is American
This user has been playing RollerCoaster Tycoon since 2004
This user's favorite transport ride is
This user's favorite gentle ride is
[[Car Ride]]
This user's favorite roller coaster is
[[Flying Roller Coaster]]
This user's favorite thrill ride is
[[Space Rings]]
This user's favorite water ride is
[[Log Flume]]
This user's favorite stall is
[[Souvenir Stall]]
This user's favorite scenario is
[[Forest Frontiers]]
This user likes [[Water Feature Themeing]]
This user's nausea tolerance is
This user's preferred ride intensity is 10 or more (Stand-Up Roller Coaster)

I love RollerCoaster Tycoon! I've played all three games in the series and love them all! I like to help out on many wikis, but you will see me most at Roller Coaster Wiki. Hope to see you there too!

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