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About me

My name is Dennis. I really love working with Roller Coaster Tycoon (all three). My personal opinions of each game:

  • RCT1: Really amazing scenarios and scenario system. The interface could use work.
  • RCT2: Scenarios aren't very fun, and also don't unlock any other scenarios. The interface of RCT2, however, is amazing.
  • RCT3: Coaster designer and coaster cam. After that the fun ends.

Thus, an ideal RCT4 for me would look something like RCT1's scenarios, meshed with RCT2's interface and RCT3's coaster designing capabilities (overbanked turns, 90 degree banking, extended coaster, etc.)

My Favorite Scenarios

  • RCT2: Extreme Heights/Infernal Views/Factory Capers... in that order. None of them are particularly good, but they're the best that RCT2 has to offer for me. IMO, the expansion pack scenarios overdo stuff a lot, though the Robin Hood one was pretty nice.
  • RCT3: Sandbox mode ftw. :)

Real-Life Stuff

  • My favorite amusement park is, by far, Kings Dominion. Their selection of roller coasters is phenomenal and will become even better in April, when Intimidator 305 opens.
  • I'd like to visit Cedar Point sometime, but seeing as I live on the East Coast that won't happen any time soon.
  • Busch Gardens had better be getting a new coaster to replace Big Bad Wolf.

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