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Hi there! I've been a RollerCoaster Tycoon fan for years, but lately, I don't have the game (not getting the 3D version either, sorry). I sort of wish I still had RCT2.

My Favorite RollerCoasters from RCT2 (plus Expansion packs)

  • LIM Launched
  • Giga
  • Dragon
  • Corkscrew
  • Hyper-Twister
  • Twister
  • Floorless
  • Stand-Up Twister
  • Flying / Condor / Pterodactyl

Dream RCT2 Tracks

Giga / Yellow Taxi

  • Havana Cabs
  • Big Red Zone
  • Hagane (鋼 in Japanese)
  • Sakay sa Taxi (Ride in the Taxi in Filipino)


  • Twisty Banshees
  • Raiu (雷雨 in Japanese)
  • Pharaoh's Ankh
  • Maison de George (Home of George in French)
  • Magnetic
  • Polygon Twister
  • Mother Ship
  • Diamond Hills (in the style of a Hyper-Twister Roller Coaster, except it's on a Twister Roller Coaster, As such, there will be no inversions)
  • Vega
  • Thor's Hammer
  • Elpis
  • Happy Circle
  • Rage's Unrealistic Fury

LIM Launched / TGV Train / Gangster Car

  • Yakuza Getaway (best with an 8.93 Intensity rating when done directly on the coaster editor; will feature Asian Theming from Wacky Worlds. As such, requires both expansion packs and a custom scenario for full effect)
  • Gentleman (with no inversions and a low intensity rating of 5.50 or lower)
  • SpeedTrain
  • Complexity Circuit
  • Model LIM777

Corkscrew / Seals / Dragon / Bullet / Limousine / Conga Eel


  • Loop-de-loop
  • Double Silk Moths

Suspended Swinging / Seaplane

  • Skimming the Seas
  • Intensa Columpio
  • Aeroplane Switch
  • Do-it Seaplane


  • Mokuzai (木材 in Japanese)
  • Woodstop
  • Cyclonic Cyclops

Hyper Twister / Cerberus

  • Dai Kaijuu (大怪獣 in Japanese, literally means Big Monster)
  • Vertically Warped
  • Hecate's Intervention
  • Hydra
  • Gateway to the Underworld

Vertical / Valkyrie

  • Into the Castle and Back
  • Valhalla Hall
  • Valkyrie Dimension (named after the hardest song on DDR, obviously. Will feature a heavy purple and pink theme)

Flying / Condor / Pterodactyl

  • Pterodactylus Sinistra (Sinister Pterodactyl)
  • Condor's Flight
  • Flying Like the Wind

Also, I wish to do recreations of certain rollercoasters with different vehicles from expansion packs (e.g. recreating Quantum Thruster with a Gangster Car Coaster, Hell Hound with a Hyper Twister Roller Coaster, Slippery Seals with a Limousine Rollercoaster, etc.)

Other Games I Love

  • Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)
  • beatmania IIDX
  • jubeat
  • Luxor
  • pop'n music
  • GuitarFreaks & DrumMania
  • Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

Images I Like