Urbis Incognitus

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A custom-made scenario created by Kaffe, and is also part of UCES.

Background Story[edit]

"So we are in ancient Rome, but where?" asked Candy. Bobby peered at the panels on The Time Machine. "Well look at this!" answered Bobby. "The year is displaying in Roman Numerals!" They all leaned over to look at the time machine's date panel.

"Gotcha!" Bobby laughed.

"Bobby, you can be such a dork," said Cindy.

"But where are we?" repeated Candy.

Bobby studied the panels some more. "I can't tell," he sighed. "None of the maps show a city here."

They looked at the city just ahead. "Wow!" said Cindy. "An Unknown City."

"Right. I think that would be translated as Urbus Incognitus," said Candy.

"Sounds good," said Billy. "That reminds me of something - does anyone know what the Roman's greatest accomplishment was?"

"What's that?" asked Candy.

"Speaking Latin!" said both boys together.

Scenario Guide[edit]

(guide to beating this scenario goes here)

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