Stone Age/Scenario Guide

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Like the previous Time Twister Expert scenarios, this scenario has a park value objective too, making it harder by asking you to repay your loan. That's not that big since you are limited to take only $12,000 of loan, and in the start, you already have $7,000 from it. Even though the loan interest is high, it won't eat your money, but gaining money is going to be hard anyway, since you are limited in space.

At the start, it is recommended to research only thrill and gentle rides. As soon as that's over, start researching roller coasters. You also might want to overprice some rides to make things go faster. You don't have a time limit, so use that advantage! Once you think you have enough money, build a roller coaster. In the start, build only cheap roller coasters like the Wooden Wild Mine Ride, Water Coaster, and Junior Roller Coaster after researching those, and after ride income is getting high.

At some point, research transport rides, since you might want to get an Elevator to build on the mountains, which can be really good spots for expansions without the isometric view, which limits the views of the park.

A couple of expensive roller coasters at the end will get you the park value you want, and the advantage of only a $12,000 loan is showing its signs, since you can easily repay your loan and beat this scenario.