Spin Doctor

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Spin Doctor is a ride found in the Soaked! expansion pack of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.


A single arm carries both a lower and higher car, each of which that can hold 2-4 passengers. The arm holding the ride spins, and the cars themselves can also spin. It moves at approximately 60 MPH.

In Real Life[edit]

The Spin Doctor is based off the Fabbri Booster, except it has two cars on each arm instead of one, this particular model is based off the Giant Booster. Most notably is seen at UK's Fantasy Island, named the G-Force, the ride opened briefly for 2002-2003 season. It returned again in 2016 and closed by the end of 2017 to make way for a new ride, the 'Air Maxx 360'. This particular model is a unique ride and the only one of it's kind in the world. A much similar ride was produced by KMG, named the 'Speed'.