Six Flags Over Texas/Scenario Guide

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Scenario Guide

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Six Flags Over Texas, is a tough scenario, since the goal is to attract 3,500 guests as well as watch out for the park rating. There is some open land behind the Bumper Cars that provides the opportunity to build a massive coaster. Before doing any of that, however, there are some smaller park management issues that must be taken care of.

One of the first things to do is to advertise the park with free coupons and then raise the entrance fee to $55, since many guests in this scenario carry roughly $65 to $95. It can be further raised after some coasters are built. Make every attempt to not borrow a loan as the loan interest is high.

With the entrance fee set, pause the game and locate the Oil Derrick ride. Close it down and move the people out from above. This ride in real life acts as an observation deck, however it's role in RCT2 is purely a place for guests to get lost impacting the park rating. Once all the guests have been removed from the ride, demolish the pathways at the top, the ride itself, and any surrounding scenery elements. Note the game needs to be unpaused to perform demolition. This gives a little bit of money that can be used for paying off the loan.

Re-pause the game, open the guest management window and take a look at the overall opinions of the guests currently in the park. This should help to recognize any problems that may be present. Are the guests hungry, thirsty, or bored? Also take this time to get familiar with the layout of the park and identify any problem areas to look into eventually.

Unpause the game and open the Research and Development window. Focus research on gentle rides and thrill rides, as there are already an excellent selection of rollercoasters present in the park, and begin to place benches and trash bins throughout the park to alleviate guest tiredness. Check up on the staff situation and, if necessary, hire and sack. Also set patrol areas if neccessary.

With that part of the park now under control, begin to focus on the construction of food and drink stalls, as well as restrooms. Place these elements strategically by placing them on main pathways. With these basic beginning steps completed, the park is pretty well set to succeed for the time being. Keeping an eye on the guests' opinions is critical in maintaining the park rating.

By Year 2, the loan will probably be re-payed and researching roller coasters or water rides instead of thrill rides and gentle rides can begin. Money should be no problem, though it's not a bad idea to continue advertising coupons for free food or drinks. Try to build mainly roller coasters and water rides, but try to save space. Good space management will allow to make use of every area of your park for the goal.

Eventually, a guest count of 3,500 just depends on how often rides are built, and how the park as a whole runs. Advertising is a great way to attract guests early on, as the park itself is running with a variety of rides so very little construction is required in the beginning. Try to keep the path system straightforward, as this will prevent serious headaches down the road with lost guests. Most important in this scenario is to not hurry: here is unlimited time for completion.

Scenario Tips

  • The Splash Boats ride can easily be upgraded in terms of length, capacity & excitement by adding another steep fall element, and the needed ramp elements to complete the track. Once the track is complete, launch the operation with 6 boats. The improved ride will be a great asset once the guest numbers will sky rocket.
  • An easy way to improve the Railroad is to build a station at the entrance of the park, on the path that goes from the main plaza towards the Judge Roy Scream. The player can also delete the station near the flashback coaster, and delete the Go-Karts near the Shockwave, to place a new station there.
  • The Roaring Rapids ride will need a massive improvement in order to become attractive. At the beginning of the scenario, it's just a big waste of land, money & energy. Nobody rides it. To solve the problem, add a massive mountain of 5*5 using the landscape tool, on the first line of the ride, the one which goes along the Runaway Mountain. Add a massive ramp to the top, then a series of falls which would go through the mountain and then catch the remainder of the track left at level. Sculpt the mountain, add some scenery, and reopen. The river rapids would have jumped from 2.00 Exc. to 5.00, resulting in a new attractive ride and which can be used for advertisement to attract new guests. However, make sure to take some boats off. 20+ boats are way too much for this ride. A good number could be between 10 & 14.
  • The Titan spot is an interesting place to place another coaster. Down below (or near) the supports of Titan is room to place another Titan-like coaster. Any type of massive coaster will do : Hyper Coaster, Giga Coaster, or even a Stand-up Steel Twister. This could, per example, be a "Mini-Titan", or the "Son of Titan". Doing so would help to save place for flat rides, boost both excitement ratings due to tracks interlocking each other while still being a brand new coaster to advertise upon and drag some guests in to reduce the overcrowding on pathways. It's a win-win-win-win situation.
  • Also use the land below the Titan supports to build a massive Go-Karts circuit on the ground. As always, max station length for max capacity, and short queue line. No more than twice the capacity.
  • The free spot of land behind the Bumper Cars & Flashback is not necessary to win the scenario.
  • The lake between the park entrance & the "Judge Roy Scream" can be used to place a Jet Skis dock. If done, however, remember to build the station as long as possible, and have the entrance straight to the first square of station, and the exit towards the end. Also keep the queue line short (no more than the max number of jet-skis available). I've made the mistake to do the opposite, and it resulted in a long line with a 23 minutes waiting time...
  • Check the mechanics' patrol areas every time when moving a ride, or building a new one. This will save support guest happiness.
  • Don't forget to hire security guards, and set them patrol zones so they keep their land covered more efficiently.

The picture below shows how to apply most of these tips.

Scenario finished by John-Mahmud.