Paradise Pier 2/Scenario Guide

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Starting with over 400 guests, and leaving the players 2 years to gain another 800 guests, makes Paradise Pier 2 an easy scenario.

Probably the easiest park in the Loopy Landscapes pack, the sequel to Roller Coaster Tycoon's Paradise Pier offers only a couple issues overall. First of all, players should fix the queue lines on some of the pre-built rides. For example, a few queue paths should be added to the Scrambled Eggs in southeast corner. Extra stalls should be added, such as the much necessary Drinks Stall. Experienced tycoons may want to fix up the roller coaster, as it is a little choppy ; This requires precise knowledge and skill about the mechanics of the Looping Roller Coaster. Those who play this scenario in RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 or OpenRCT2, should definitely try to add some brake sections in to maximise the main attraction's overall throughput : a well made design offering multiple sections, will draw enough to make the building of a second coaster, meaningless.

Scenario finished by RollercoastertycoonX.