Paradise Island/Scenario Guide

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Anytime you are starting a level, I recommend the following: Immediately pause the game. You don't really have to, but I like to figure out what the objectives are and fully understand them so I can then tailor my game around them. If you'll notice, there is no objectives requiring you to make a certain amount of money on ride income, so I recommend making all the rides free and just charging a fee to enter the park. I managed $50 per person. Any higher, and people began turning away and then my numbers went way down. If you go down to around $40, it seems like you get more people into the park though. It's like they somehow know when prices are high or low so they either don't come or come, so if you need to pass the "guests in park" objective, you can either greatly lower the entrance fee, have an ad campaign, or a little of both.

As it's paused, I did the same thing I always do: pack at least four (five, or six) non-coaster rides right by the entrance. In this case, just to the left after the peeps enter the park. Place them back against the fence and have the queue lines extend straight out maybe five or six blocks to meet up with a main path. Your thrill/gentle/kiddy rides will eventually be out into the beach. With at least four of those rides set up, also set up a drink, food, souvenir, and restroom (charge .10 or .20) right there. Bring in one janitor and set his walking path from the front gate to all the lines you've just built. It's a good idea to go ahead and train him twice so he's faster and doesn't get sad. If you want an extra-clean park, I brought in one more janitor and didn't set any path, letting him roam and pick up anything extra (includes the green ride way up the way). Same with the mechanic: set one that will only do the few rides you made and shops, and have another roam around. This model has never once not produced a profit for me. If you want to have the rides make you money and not have a gate fee, do that too I guess, but I usually make about double when I charge at the gate and have free rides.

After you built up your funds, paid off any loans, you can get to work finishing the challenges. I found two coasters (Rolling Thunder and Neptune's Knot) and placed one to the left and one to the right in the water. You just have to open them, but you can connect them to the path if you want. Just set the VIP's MixMaster show anywhere close, and make sure you set his path there so he sees it when the timer goes off.