Minimum stat requirements

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Minimum Stat Requirements

Every ride type has certain requirements for its stats that it needs to fulfill in order to prevent the excitement, intensity, and nausea stats (EIN stats) from being penalized. For example, if a Giga Coaster does not have a highest drop height stat of at least 12 meters, its EIN stats will all be divided by two. If a ride fails multiple stat requirements the penalties will be penalized for every single one it fails, compounding the penalty.

Most ride types get their stats divided by two for every requirement they miss, but some have different penalties. It is possible that the intensity and nausea ratings don't get reduced at all, and also that the excitement rating gets divided by four or even eight instead of just two.

Below is a table listing the six common stat requirement types for each ride type, but there are also a few uncommon ones, which are the following:

  • The Heartline Twister Coaster, Multidimension Coaster, Flying Coaster, and Lay-down Coaster all need to have at least one inversion.
  • The Monorail, Suspended Monorail, Chair Lift, and Miniature Railway all need to have less than 50% of the track underground or covered by scenery that is one tile or larger. For the go-karts this is 75%.
  • The Reverser Coaster needs to have at least on reverser track piece.
  • The Water Coaster needs to have at least one water track piece.
  • The Mini Golf needs to have at least one hole.
  • The Chair Lift needs to have at least two stations.

In this table, the minimum stat requirements are shown. Requirements with an asterisk (*) are ignored if the ride has at least one inversion.

Minimum stat requirements for roller coasters
Coaster name Minimum drop height Minimum number of drops Minimum speed Minimum length Minimum Max negative Gs Minimum max lateral Gs
Air Powered Vertical Coaster 25m (82f) - - - - -
Bobsleigh Coaster - - 42kph (26mph) 26(mph) 370m (1214f) - 1.20
Compact Inverted Coaster 9m (29f)* - 36kph (22mph) - 0.30* -
Corkscrew Coaster 9m (29f)* 2* 36kph (22mph) - 0.40* -
Dinghy Slide 9m (29f) - 25kph (16mph) 140m (459f) - -
Floorless Coaster 9m (29f)* 2* 36kph (22mph) - 0.40G* -
Flying Coaster - 2 36kph (22mph) - 0.40G* -
Flying Turns - - 42kph (26mph) 370m (1214f) - 1.2G
Giga coaster 12m (39f)* 2* 36kph (22mph) - 0.4G* -
Heartline Twister Coaster - 1 - - - -
Hyper Coaster 9m (29f)* 2* 36kph (22mph) - 0.4G* -
Hyper Twister Coaster 9m (29f)* 2* 36kph (22mph) - 0.4G -
Inverted Coaster 9m (29f)* - 36kph (22mph) - 0.3G* -
Inverted Hairpin Coaster 6m (19f) 3 25kph (16mph) 170m (558f) 0.1G 1.5G
Inverted Impulse Coaster 15m (49f) - 36kph (22mph) - - -
Inverted Shuttle Coaster 9m (29f)* - 36kph (22mph) - 0.3G* -
Inverted Vertical Shuttle 9m (29f)* - 36kph (22mph) - 0.3G* -
Junior Coaster 4m (13f) 1 25kph (16mph) - - -
Laydown Coaster - 2* 36kph (22mph) - 0.4G -
LIM Coaster 7m (22f)* 2* 36kph (22mph) - 0.1G* -
Looping Coaster 10m (32f)* 2* 36kph (22mph) - 0.1G* -
Mine Ride - - - 270m (886f) - -
Mine Train Coaster 6m (19f) 2 36kph (22mph) 370m (1214f) 0.1G -
Mini Coaster 9m (29f) 2 25kph (16mph) - 0.5G -
Mini Suspender (Flying) Coaster 4m (13f) - 28kph (17mph) 200m (656f) - 1.3G
Mini Suspender Flying Coaster 4m (13f) - 28kph (17mph) 200m (656f) - 1.3G
Multi-dimentional Coaster - 2* 36kph (22mph) - 0.4G* -
Reverse Freefall Coaster 25m (82f) - - - - -
Reverser Coaster - 2 - 200m (656f) - -
Side Friction Coaster 4m (13f) 2 18kph (11mph) 250m - -
Spinning Wild Mouse 4m (13f) 2 25kph (16mph) 170m (558f) - 1.5G
Spiral Coaster 9m (29f)* 2* 36kph (22mph) - 0.4G* -
Standup Coaster 9m (29f) - 36kph (22mph) - 0.5G -
Standup Twister Coaster 9m (29f)* 2* 36kph (22mph) - 0.4G* -
Steeplechase 3m (9f) 2 28kph (17mph) 240m (787f) 0.5G -
Suspended Swinging Coaster 6m (19f) - 42kph (26mph) 370m (1214f) 0.6G 1.5G
Twister Coaster 9m (29f)* 2* 36kph (22mph) - 0.4G* -
Vertical Drop Coaster 15m (49f) 1 36kph (22mph) - 0.4G -
Virginia Reel - 2 - 210m (689f) - -
Water Coaster 6m (19f) 1 25kph (16mph) - - -
Wild Mouse 4m (13f) 1 25kph (16mph) 170m (558f) - 1.5G
Wooden Coaster 9m (29f) 2 36kph (22mph) 370m (1214f) 0.1G -
Wooden Mine/Mouse Coaster 6m (19f) 3 25kph (16mph) 170m (558f) 0.1G 1.5G

Below is the table for the minimum stat requirements for the water rides. The dinghy slide is present twice because it is listed as a coaster and a water ride in Roller Coaster Tycoon 2.

Minimum stats water rides
Water ride name Drop Height Number of drops Max speed Length
Dinghy slide 9m (29f) - 25kph (16mph) 140m (459f)
Log flume 4m (13f) - - -
River rapids 1m (3f) - - 200m (656f)
Splash boats 4m (13f) - - -

Below is a list of the minimum stat requirements for the transport rides. Transport rides only have a length requirement for the minimum stat requirements.

  • Chairlift: 150m (492f)
  • Miniature railway: 200m (656f)
  • Monorail: 170m (558f)
  • Skilift: 150m (492f)
  • Suspended monorail: 170m (558f)
  • Trams: 200m (656f)

Below is a list for the minimum stat requirements for gentle rides. Like transport rides, gentle rides only have a minimum ride length that they must meet before

  • Car ride: 200m (656f)
  • Ghost trains: 180m (590f)
  • Haunted mansion ride: 180m (590f)
  • Mini helicopters: 160m (525f)
  • Monorail cycles: 140m (459f)