Millennium Mines/Scenario Guide

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This scenario isn't difficult. The guest requirement is fairly low and easy to reach, with ample space to build around, offering many opportunities. First step is switching research to max funds for stalls only, since Millenium Mines will need a Drinks Stall soon. The Mine Tour Train's Excitement rating is good and the ride is popular, but players can consider scrapping it : the station's spot can be interesting for a roller coaster instead, despite not being mandatory. However, this railroad might turn useless as it is March the 1st : players who decide to keep it should definitely consider adding a second station somewhere in the back of the park, in order to massively increase the ride's functionality & interest while also increasing the number of trains (in RCT1, since RCT2 will automatically allow at least 2 trains, if not more). However, players should refrain from using long queues here. A maximum length for the park's Miniature Railway would be two full trains of guests : A longer queue will result in near 10 minutes waiting time, draining the waiting guest's happiness and basically ruin their day.

Then, after building at least one Information Kiosk and using the umbrella cheat for an easy situation improvement, a single roller coaster will be needed. It should have either high capacity, or be a quick-buck shuttle coaster. But it definitely must drain guests off the main path, and empty their wallets : an on-ride photo section will be a must-have if applicable. Further expansion would include new pathes, path items, stalls, and staff. Four or five roller coasters should be sufficient to bring in the needed number of guests for this scenario, and the time limit isn't restrictive. Players must be warned however : It rains a lot around here, so the wisest of them would consider building lots of Indoor Rides, or a roller coaster that is mostly (if not completely) underground. The Mine Train Roller Coaster is a good choice as it fits in perfectly to the scenario's theme. A ride needs at least two thirds of it's track length underground to be considered such : having the coaster's lift hill overground would not pose a problem if the rest of the track lies under the ground.

The park's entry fee is $4 at the beginning, with a loan of $10,000 out of a possible $20,000. By building enough stalls and on-ride pictures where applicable, and with charging enough of them, then money shouldn't be a problem.

Millenium Mines - finished in RCT1