Katie's Dreamland/Scenario Guide

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Katie's World - finished

Katie's Dreamland is the second park in original RCT with a Park Value goal, and despite being considered trickier due to its objective, the target value here is $15,000 instead of Diamond Heights' $20,000 goal. Player starts with fewer rides and less land than Diamond Heights, however, so the challenge is balanced. First step would be researching Shops and Stalls to get a Drink Stall and maybe another food stall, second step would be hiring more staff and assign patrol areas as needed.

Due to the way it is built, The Storm has a high chance of crashing throughout the course of the scenario, usually either on the second lift hill during a safety cut-out or at the station platform during station brakes failure. Demolishing the ride altogether and either build something else in its place or use the money from the demolition to build new rides elsewhere, is a viable option. But should the player choose to keep it, reducing its inspection interval to 10 minutes and assigning a mechanic to patrol its exit exclusively, would be highly advisable.

Runaway Plumber is also prone to crashing and suffers from long waiting time, but can also be saved by reducing the ride's inspection interval to 10 minutes to reduce any eventual down-times to a minimum.

If the player wishes to build a fourth roller coaster, the best place to do it would be the blank space between the train station near the Park Entrance, and the Runaway Plumber, at the back of the park. Other spots include the purchasable patches of land near the go-kart track and inside The Storm, but these options are not recommended since new land is very expensive around (90$ a single tile). Players should continue building rides throughout the scenario and, in case they're still short of guests around July of Year 3, demolish old and pre-built gentle and thrill rides, then build brand new ones in their place to preserve or boost the park value. Saving money throughout the scenario for a couple expensive rides in Year 3 is also a wise option.