Karts & Coasters/Scenario Guide

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The first step off here in Karts & Coasters, as with every scenario, would be checking the prices for rides and park entrance, with increasing or decreasing prices as needed. Then dressing the pathes using lots of benches, trash cans, shops, stalls, and bathrooms (Infirmaries in RCT2/OpenRCT), as this park is pretty large and hard to manage regarding tidiness. Hence, a minimum of six handymen with limited patrolling space is recommended. Same for safety guards, with emphasis on covering the pathes with heavy ornamentation, such as ride exits and food courts. Five bathrooms and four shops of each type (one in every corner) should work just fine. Researching and placing Information Kiosks is an imperative to prevent the guests from getting lost, while bringing a lofty profit despite the relative scarcity of raining in this scenario. If the expansion packs are installed, making use of the No-Entry signs on ride exit pathes is also advised.

The four pre-built rides are strangely designed and consume a lot of space. Both pre-built Wooden Roller Coasters are prone to crashing, which brings the urgent matter or securing these massive money-makers at the front of the table. Closing these two roller coasters as soon as possible and adding some brake sections at the end of their tracks is an imperative. If this scenario is played on RCT2 or OpenRCT2, making use of block brakes and splitting the coasters' stations would be a much needed measure to multiply guest capacity, therefore their throughput and income. Adding On-ride Photo and Water Splash sections would also increase the safety while maintaining their high profit potential. On Big Woodchip / Lumberjack, a small section of flat track from the end of station to just before the bottom of the last hill, would accomodate a Water Splash section. Adding a right helix to a brake section completed with a block brake section straight before the exit station, would allow an extra train. On Bigger Woodchip / Timber Terror, banking all curved inclines and inserting a Water Splash in by the last curve before the station, is very much needed to secure the ride. The Water Splash sections should decrease the speed of fully-loaded trains greatly on these coasters and prevent the Station Brakes Failure from killing guests, by taking the incoming train's speeds down below the threshold of 35Km/h which triggers the crash.

Many guests will complain about the queue times for King Karts and Turnpike. Since these tracks are very long and are set to "Race Mode", the winner gets an extra lap. This makes the lines move very slowly and the riders who are positioned in the karts while waiting for the first place driver of the last race, will be waiting for a while. The best solution in this case would be to set both tracks to "Continuous Circuit Mode", so that the karts can go as soon as they are loaded, and only get one lap. Alternatives would be shortening the queue lines to as many available karts per circuit, divided by 4 (one queue tile holds 4 guests), so that the only gusts that can join the queue are the ones immediately set to enter the ride. This will prevent the guests from losing their joy for waiting too long. It is also possible to shorten the Go-Karts and Coasters to shorten the ride time and increase the income rate, although this is not recommended in any case.

Using the Wooden Wild Mouse coaster for a third addition would make a perfect choice, since it stays in the theme of the scenario. Players of OpenRCT2 can also make switchback-style wooden roller coasters for cheap, yet efficient wooden tracks.

Attaining 1,000 guests in three years may seem pretty difficult, especially when reaching the third year. Players should set their research priorities to Thrill Rides so they get a wide variety of them, as they have a greater potential to attract guests than Gentle Rides. Players with less than 800 guests by Year 3, should make use of advertising and marketing campaigns to make up for the rest.