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The Information Kiosk is a stall found in all three RCT games, and it serves as an important building in any park. The kiosk is particularly useful in preventing guests from getting lost in the park. Information Kiosks in RCT and RCT2 are unique in that they can be accessed by guests from all four sides of the structure, a principle that is taken over by toilets in the third installment of the franchise. Building a pathway around a Kiosk will increase sales as more guests will be able to make purchases at the same time. The Info kiosk will become immediately popular in parks where it rains, and is a good way to make quick money, as well as a second source of income in pay-per-entry parks.


Park Maps[edit]

Park maps help guests find the rides they like, and it helps direct them to destinations, rather than have them wander around aimlessly, like guests without maps. They have a high profit margin regardless of the circumstances. 


Umbrellas are considered a souvenir in the game, but particularly come in handy if it rains in the park. They have a slightly lower profit margin than the maps, but sell more when it rains. Umbrellas help keep guests happy during the rain, and they will be more likely to continue to wait in line or visit shops. The colour of the umbrellas can be customized, although the new colour will only apply to the stall you chose to change.


Umbrella Exploit[edit]

The umbrella exploit is an exploitation of RollerCoaster Tycoon's guest AI, which causes guests to always purchase umbrellas at their maximum sell price ($20). Whenever it rains, guests will ignore the pricing of umbrellas and will buy them from any Information Kiosk or Souvenir Stall. As a downside, guests will not buy umbrellas priced above $5 whenever it is not raining—scenarios with a hot and dry climate, such as Dynamite Dunes or Ayers Rock, will almost never experience rain, limiting the usefulness of this exploit.

Other Tips[edit]

  • An Information Kiosk should be built near the Park Entrance(s), which will cause some guests to immediately purchase a Park Map before they start exploring the park, thus reducing the likelihood of guests getting lost.
  • Other good places to build Information Kiosks include food areas and popular rides. In RCT3, it may also be a good idea to build more than one Information Kiosk in areas where peeps are thinking "<Information Kiosk name> is too busy."
  • In RCT1 and RCT2, an Information Kiosk can be accessed by guests from all four sides, so their orientation when building is a non-issue.
  • In RCT3, the default selling price of an umbrella is its break-even price, so the selling price of umbrellas must be increased to turn a profit.
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