Harmonic Hills/Scenario Guide

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Even players who know what to do will have a hard time taming the Harmonic Hills. To get started, build a medium intensity roller coaster, a Merry-Go-Round, an Information Kiosk, and one Toilets slab. Research priorities should be set to Shops & Stalls until Toffee Apple and Drinks Stall are unlocked, then directed to Roller Coasters and Thrill Rides. Unless players want to charge a gate fee and are planning to build evenly throughout the park, they should disconnect the path leading to the back until they have at least 400 guests in and need the extra space.

There are only three rides available at the start, and maximum research will only net one new ride per month. With this in mind, players definitely should attempt to build pretty much every single ride they get, since that, even doing so, there won't be much variety in here in October, Year 3.

When building roller coasters, players should always start by analyzing where the station can be placed in order to allow a consequent lift hill, as well as where to connect the entrance and exit to the main path grid, therefore searching a long stretch of land with no trees. The track type should also be chosen carefully. Certain varieties (e.g. Steel Mini, Virginia Reel, and Wild Mouse) do not need massive slopes to yield good excitement ratings, provided the rest of the layout is adequate. The ability for the Vertical Roller Coaster to tunnel underground using vertical track (which bypasses the landscaping prohibition) also helps to overcome the height restriction, although it requires careful planning so the trains avoid stalling out or falling backward as they return above the ground.

Players that still have trouble building tracks around the trees should consider running them above/below existing rides and pathways. If there is not enough space to make a turn the use of S-bends to weave between trees is advised, as they can keep the track going relatively forward until space can be found to make a turn.

Although players shouldn't expect rides to be very exciting here, they still can aim for an excitement rating of 4.50 from the Steel Mini Roller Coaster and 5.00 from other roller coaster types. However, it should be quite feasible to design coasters with excitement ratings around 8.00, especially with the Virginia Reel and the Steel Wild Mouse — both can have pretty high excitement ratings with a somewhat simple track, considering that these coasters are some of the best options available when tree-surfing time comes.
Scenario finished by sucinum

Players who haven't yet completed Rainbow Valley from the original pack should consider doing so to prepare themselves for this scenario. They may still struggle with the height restriction there or even here, but they'll be more prepared to deal with the tree removal and landscape adjustment restrictions active here.

Harmonic Hills - completed by Felipe717