Good Knight Park/Scenario Guide

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The first thing for players to decide upon when they tackle the Good Knight's Park, is where to build the park's new rides : either inside the castle, or outside, up to the surrounding water. Players who do not mind building rides inside the castle and even erase the castle should maybe only keep the pathways and start building. However, perfectionist players who want to keep the castle intact, stay on the Medieval Themeing and maybe even expand the castle, should make a thorough reflection upon what to do of the empty surrounding hills. It's a matter of choice : erase everything and start from scratch, keep the castle and just build other rides out of it, or stay on theme and concentrate on that.

In all cases, players are definitely advised to block off any pathways that are not needed. If there are enough rides in the park, 1,200 guests should not be too difficult to achieve by the end of Year 3. It's much more a matter of where to place the rides and how to concile land & constructions. Players should also be careful of the Wooden Reverser Roller Coaster, as it has a tendency to stall overtime and become crash-prone : one of the hills of the twin coasters, in particular, is prone to this scenario.
Scenario finished by RollercoastertycoonX.