Ghost Town (RCT2)/Scenario Guide

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A 43-year old Ghost Town park.

Scenario Guide[edit]

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Ghost Town finished in Year 8

First off, players can definitely here (unlike in Amity Airfield) delete the big path rectangle in the middle of the park and the buildings to reduce the chances of guests getting lost while netting an extra $1,000. Then, players will want to build every single flat ride available. Since RCT2's Ghost Town is a pay-per-ride park, players should jack up the price to all tracked rides to the Excitement Rating, rounded down. Also and as always, research funding has to be set to maximum, with this scenario's specific priorities set to roller coasters of course, but also to shops & stalls for two necessary amenities : the First Aid Room, and the Cash Machine.

When the park starts picking up steam, this means the park's ready to welcome it's first roller coaster. Since the excitement rating has to be over 7, it would be good to allow tracks to both intertwine with each other and with pathes, and not be too close to each other so lots of scenery could be placed around them to bump the excitement ratings up. Tall roller coasters would welcome Go-Kart tracks very well at ground level, with still lots of room for scenery. Roller Coasters here will of course need to be high-capacity scream machines, and as such be custom-made. Queue lines should be of the ideal length : too short, they won't drain enough guests to save the park from overcrowding ; too long and it's the guests' happiness that they'll drain instead of their money. To summarize on roller coasters' requirements : they should not only have an Excitement Rating above 7, but also be able to drain a maximum of guests off the main path with a maximum wait time of 8 minutes in order to prevent break downs, and hold at least 70 guests on itself (not counting the queueing guests) : 6 long trains and one assigned mechanic each should do the trick.

When a roller coaster's completed and ready to open, players have to make sure they charge enough so hefty profits are gathered quickly enough to build another roller coaster / ride. Once both First Aid Room and Cash Machine are available for construction, players can safely uncheck shops & stalls from the research priorities.

There is no time limit for the Ghost Town, so it's just a question of how long it will take to complete.
Ghost Town finished in Year 10.