Geoffrey Gardens/Scenario Guide

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Players have plenty of time and land available to reach the huge goal expected for Geoffrey Gardens.

This is a take on Evergreen Gardens, a huge botanical garden for players to turn into the country's best theme park experience. Like in Evergreen Gardens. first, players should definitely block off every path in the park that goes away from the entrance area. Players may want to either take out or block off the huge bridge in the front, but it can be kept without any problem whatsoever.

To start off, players should follow the basic standard procedures of every scenario and build their first rides closer to the entrance, (including tracked rides like the Wooden Wild Mouse, the Virginia Reel or the Car Ride, which work the best) as well as the basic amenities such as toilets, information kiosks, and food and drink stalls. Once the park has started, players can expand into the park. It's advisable to place flat rides in the flat places, and take advantage of the hilly terrain for roller coasters to go underground, which will increase the excitement rating and have a chance of becoming an indoor ride, for huge profits at all times. After a few coasters and a bunch of flat rides, the park will have enough money for players to be creative and go with whatever they'd like. This is a much easier scenario than Fiasco Forest, Urban Park, and especially Harmonic Hills, so players can truly have fun, and keep using advertising campaigns to their advantage.
A complete OpenRCT2-made Geoffrey Gardens with just over 7,000 guests, 67 Rides, and 88 Shops/Stalls, all created by zachl1226.

However, advertising is not at all mandatory, and if players want to succeed by reputation only and by their park's own merit, the scenario becomes more challenging as it will be necessary to keep a constant building pace with good tracked rides and neat pricing control. This last condition is especially important if players are charging for rides because guests spending all their money is one of the main reasons why the guest number might stagnate at a certain point. They will have to build continuously and evenly throughout the 4 years and make sure to have at least a dozen really good coasters (excitement 7.00 or higher). There aren't that many ride options at the start, but research should give players plenty of new rides and stalls until the end of Year 4, whose majority should be built. If players are willing to develop a good park and work their way to meet the requirements without using advertising, they should definitely keep that in mind and use every resource they've learned so far in previous scenarios to pass the goal.

Scenario completed by felipe717
Scenario finished