Fruit Farm/Scenario Guide

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Fruit Farm is a rather unique park. A lot of flat land is available for construction, but it's loaded full of fuit trees (hence the name). Although the park has only a $16,000 loan limit — one of the smallest in the game — players will enjoy a selection of roller coasters, food stalls, ride improvements, and scenery that actually is sufficient for the entire scenario, and so right from the start. Players will therefore have to direct their research priorities to those fields.

The park has an entry fee of $5.00 that can be worked in RCT1 as the player sees fit. Because there's only little time to spend on building custom rides and little space to build many of the large pre-designed rides, players should build mostly flat rides and tracked rides with small footprints such as the Wooden Wild Mouse or the Virginia Reel for the beginning. Blocking or eliminating unused paths early on can also be considered, to both keep guests from getting lost and earn some extra money to spend. Another important thing to do would be adding an additional station or two to the Miniature Railroad to allow it to function as a proper transport ride.

Scenario finished by sucinum
By the end of the Year 1, players doing well should have anywhere from 600 to 900 guests in the park. Players still short of a few guests by the end of year 2, can throw their money into advertising campaigns to get the lacking few guests needed. As always, players who prefer charging guests at the gate should make sure they offer enough food, drinks and souvenirs to satisfy their bankers as well as their guests.