Forum:Overcrowding On 4-Way Racing Rollercoaster

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I have a seemingly unsolvable overcrowding problem near the newest addition to my 37-rollercoaster 6500 guest flagship park.

I have gotten through overcrowding before, but this is the limit. I mean this is truly magnificent baloon bobbing on a grand scale. all the guests flock to the entrances, and even with multiple tunels and paths connecting to and from it there is no way to suck the guests out of the area. they are ALL trying to get on the 4 exitement 8.45 rollercoasters i jut built. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this problem? at the moment the exit paths are no entry from outside and they are barren but the area just out side and leading up to the ride is packed. the queue lines converge at two points either side like this

= Station

e Exit

n Entrance

[-] path

[q] queue


[-][q] [-][q][q]

[-][q] e  n

e  n  ===============           


and mirrored on the other side. note tha on the station platform next to the entrance, the track comes steeply from underground. i wish i could get a picture, but all you can see is the loops and twists of the four rides rather than the path etc... it took me ages even with the rides invisible to not click on the rides when building.