European Cultural Festival/Scenario Guide

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Finished European Cultural Festival

Pause the game, and immediately fire the excessive staffs (security guards, entertainers). Then raise the cost of park entry fee and shop items (especially umbrella). Park entry fee should better not exceed 40, since there are guests who only bring 40 to your park. Do not let your handymen to water plants, since this scenario will often get rainy. You may want to disable the handymen's mowing grass job.

Put a food court on every zone, consisting of food stall, drink stall, toilet, and optionally cash machine. Since guest will do a lot of walking, they get tired easily. You can put bunch of benches and trash cans near food court, so they take a seat while consuming items. You may want to demolish stall with negative profit since they are put in non strategic place, such as the balloon stalls. Put trash cans in every corner of the country flags to avoid guest littering there.

Next, tidy up the pathing system in Slovenian zone. Remove all the unecessary paths which caused guest getting lost. You might want to do the same for the French and Italian zone.

Now your park should cover the guest's physical needs. You can start building rides with higher throughput such as roller coasters. Start with cheap one, such as junior coaster. Eventually, every zone can benefit by having a high throughput ride, a gentle ride, and an indoor ride. 

Some tricks that you can use:

  1. Enlongate the station platform on TGV train roller coaster in French zone, so you get maximum number of cars which yields higher ride throughput.
  2. Build some flat rides or go kart inside the buildings in UK zone.
  3. Rename the mechanics based on their zoning, so you easily know who take care of which. 

Put souvenir/balloon/hat stall at the exit of high throughput ride, since happier guests will likely buy those stuffs. Consider building on ride photo section in any roller coaster to raise your income. 

With minimal advertising, you should get 2000 guests before the 4th year.