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The Wooden Roller Coaster Competition

Competitions are special scenarios for the original RollerCoaster Tycoon game. These scenarios were created for the official "Hasbro Competition Land" held in 1999.

Almost all of the parks feature the same landscape with differing amounts of land owned, only the map of the later held Steel Twister Roller Coaster Competition is different. The only rides available are the ones subject to the "Design Challenge", with no other types of ride available. Moreso, no scenario includes shops/stalls, meaning players who opt to run the competition parks as a proper park will be forced to deal with guests' hunger, thirst, and other such problems only the stalls can satisfy without resorting to OpenRCT2's cheat system to add them to the park through the Object Selector. The objective of every scenario is to build the best ride you can, each scenario giving around $25,000 to build it.

Here is the list of all eleven scenarios along with the winners:

The Competition scenarios can be downloaded here.

The winning ride designs from these competition can be downloaded here.