Bumbly Beach/Scenario Guide

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Bumbly Beach features a large Wooden Roller Coaster and two gentle rides. The problem is that the gentle rides are on opposite sides of the park with nothing in-between, and guests do not like walking long distances without any attractions. The player's priority would be to either fill this empty space with all available rides, or scrap one and build towards the other.

The first thing players should do is move the Ferris Wheel at the very corner of the park, towards the entrance. Removing (or closing down using "No Entry" Signs) the path leading to the Ferris Wheel's former position, is also a clever action. This will reduce the distance guests have to walk between the attractions. Next, players should relocate the Merry-Go-Round to an area near the path that connects the roller coaster to the entrance, and close the excess path. This again will reduce the distance between attractions.

No roller coaster is needed at this point in the scenario to draw visitors in, so focus should be turned on building non-tracked rides to keep as many guests in the park as possible. Building gentle and thrill rides between the roller coaster and the entrance will ensure that the guests will have something to do. Shops and stalls are also in order along that path, to keep the rest of their needs satisfied.

A Go Karts track near the back of the park would definitely be a good drawing card for money and can help the park pay back its loan.

Once all the space near the entrance is filled up, expansion can go in any direction, including reopening the closed down pre-built pathes. Once comes the time to build another large roller coaster to supplement the one at the entrance, the best options would be to either build a very high rollercoaster (Corkscrew, Twister, Hyper or Giga are the best picks) above all the flat rides down at ground level, or to aim towards the beach and sea, and only allocate space for the coaster's station within the park space. Additionnal shops and stalls at regular intervals are necessary to keep the guests happy.

Final addition to this park would be a transport ride that goes around the outer edge of it, useful in getting guests from the entrance to the far ends of the square patch.

Bumbly Beach - finished