Bumbly Bazaar/Scenario Guide

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Scenario Guide[edit]

  • The Scenario Guide below is only a suggested strategy for completing this scenario—it may not work for all players.
  • The General Scenario Guide and Hints and Tips articles may also provide helpful information in completing this scenario.
  • There are usually multiple strategies to successfully completing a scenario; these can be discussed on the scenario's discussion page or written down in an existing or additional section of this article.
Unlike in ride-profit goal scenarios such as Botany Breakers and Dusty Greens, in which it is possible to reach the goal more quickly by building as many exciting rides as possible, it is not possible in Bumbly Bazaar to boost food and drink sales simply by building more stalls. However, many of the same principles still apply, as it is necessary to maintain a high park rating and a range of exciting rides to attract and maintain a high guest count.

Method 1 : Normal Park progression[edit]

To start, players need to build a few exciting roller coasters and smaller flat rides near the bazaar, then expand toward the two gates as money comes in, to justify building more shops and stalls away from the central bazaar. Because guests will only purchase one food item and one drink at a time, players must keep their stalls spaced evenly throughout the park and not cluttered in the central food court.

Building wisely while maintaining comfortable profits, will ensure victory around Years 3 or Year 4.

Method 2 : Food Rush[edit]

Another way to reach the goal is to build a bunch of shops and stalls, but without opening them ! If players get the message "Guests are hungry and can't find anywhere to eat", then they have a cue to open all the shops and stalls, and a great wave of guests will buy food, pushing monthly profits past $1,000 ! If it's not enough the first time, then it means there wasn't enough guests, rides or shops, if not altogether. Closing all the shops again and waiting for the next wave will be the way to go, but usually this method works like a charm.

Other tips[edit]

  • Like in Amity Airfield, using the umbrella cheat might do the trick during rain episodes. Players attempting this scenario using the Food Rush method above, can also count Park Maps for a boost towards the $1,000 objective.
  • Setting the Toilets to $0.20 may help along the way.
  • Placing item shops near the exits of Bumbly Bazaar's most exciting coasters, will also boost the park's sales.