Barony Bridge/Scenario Guide

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Barony Bridge is unique in the way that it has two park entrances, with a path leading straight from one entrance to the other. In the beginning only a handful of researched rides will be available, none of which are pre-built rides.

A good start here would be building some thrill and gentle flat rides along the bridge. The Wooden Roller Coaster is very expensive at this point, out of reach of starting players' empty pockets. This means the first research priorities players should set when playing Barony Bridge, would be Roller Coasters in the beginning. Both Bobsled and Steel Wild Mouse Roller Coasters will come available very soon. The only substitute is the Water Slide until then. Rides should be built close enough to the bridge so they draw guests efficiently.

Roller coasters should be built away from the bridge in order to smoothly expand the theme park. Later in the game, it will be possible to connect the rides on both sides of the bridge via a transport ride (i.e. the Chairlift).

Players who won't put research on stalls, and try to rely only on Burger Bar and Hot Dog Stall, will get the "Worst Food" park award, which will act as a counter-ad campaign, actually drawing new guests away from the park.