Alton Towers/Scenario Guide

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This park requires a lot of fixing. There are 6 major problems, which come as follows :

  • FAR too little handymen and mechanics.
  • All of the rides are free.
  • Guests are getting lost.
  • FAR too little shops & stalls.
  • FAR too little benches and litter bins, and a lot of the ones that are available for visitors to the park have been vandalized.
  • An extremely high initial loan ($4,770,000!), which renders making money very difficult.

The first thing to do is to pause the game and take a look at the overall situation. Then, rehaul the staff by organizing it so at least 50 handymen have set patrol areas that covers the whole park. This can be helped by taking time to redraw the path layout so that no useless (or uselessly long) pathing's open to guests. Mechanics will require FAR smaller patrol areas, which can be taken to the extreme and turned to one mechanic per ride, their patrol areas set to said rides' exits. This is a costly, yet very effective solution.

The second problem can be solved easily, depending on the game players confront this scenario on : For RCT1, where both gates and rides can charge guests, $1 for thrill rides, $4 for roller coasters, gentle rides to $0.20 and 3D cinemas to $0.50, will be enough. The RCT2 version of the scenario (where both can't be set at the same time), players are free to choose. These prices can be kept all the way until the scenario is finished, and will yield a lofty profit every month. Even though this won't help much with solving the loan, its enough to cover normal running expenditure, and even allow new ride construction.

The third problem requires two changes. First of all : players have to simplify the pathways everywhere. Then, to remove the entire underground path that runs from the exit of Runaway Mine Train towards the park entrance. This is very time-consuming, but also will prove very helpful. The second critical thing here is to add two extra pathes : one that runs from the Runaway Mine Train area directly to the park exit, and the second one must be added from the path that runs from the exit of Black Hole, towards the path that runs south of it (the one that runs past the right side of the two lakes).

The fourth thing requires players to add a lot of shops and stalls (maybe up to a hundred !) in order to cover the park's needs. This park needs at least 25 Information Kiosks and Bathrooms scattered all-around the park, and at least 15 food and drink stalls. Players can also note that there is a pre-built Ice Cream Stall in the park that is closed, and that there's a menu option to easily open all rides including shops and stalls.

The final thing that requires urgent action, is to cover the whole park with lamps, benches and trash bins.

Once all this is done, the remainder is daily management and ad campaigning, with some optional ride renewal/replacement when need arises. Nothing that requires particular skill.

Scenario completed