Adrenaline Heights/Scenario Guide

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Adrenaline Heights, as a scenario, is the exact diametral opposite of Gentle Glen. Guests here will only ride intense rides, so

rides with an intensity rating of "Very High" or "Extreme" will be required to succeed (Cathexis is a good example, although its intensity rating of 8.10 may still have guests complaining that the ride's not intense enough if their happiness levels are low). Players must avoid building Gentle Rides (such as the Merry-Go-Round) at all costs (even though there are plenty available from the start) ; as well as many of the Thrill Rides (such as the Twist and Pirate Ship) that have an intensity rating below "Very High" and a low-likelyhood of nausea : they will automatically be perceived by guests as "Gentle Rides" and they will flatly refuse to ride them. On the other hand, guests will still be wary about going on a ride with an intensity rating of 10.00 or higher, so watch out for excessive lateral Gs when building coasters (keep the lateral G forces below 3.10 to be safe).

Scenario finished by sucinum

Research priorities must be set on only Shops and Stalls first until the Drinks Stall comes into play, then go for Roller Coasters, and Ride Improvements in RCT1. This park should be fairly easy, as long as enough big scream machines are availalbe and drain crowds off the main paths, along with advertisement when needed.

There are a few non-roller coaster rides the guests will go on :

Surrounded roller coasters with those rides, will draw guests by the hundreds, and drain their cash.

Guests will ride nearly any roller coaster as long as it has an intensity of 8 or higher, so players can truly go wild here (within the limits of human bearability, else the excitement ratings will plummet harder than a vertical drop coaster) but they still have to watch their money carefully, however, as they must be able to keep building through the entire scenario to attract the required 1,600 guests.